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Broadcasting from Washington, D.C., USA

Africa Today TV is a new channel for an American audience interested in African & International affairs, as well as the African diaspora here in the USA. The goal of the channel is to focus on the uniqueness of Africa and it’s myriad of inspiring stories that have become an unseen part of the continent’s narrative. We aim to change that perspective by placing a spotlight on the success and hope that is emerging from all corners of Africa.
Why Africa Today TV?
Africa Today TV is dedicated to celebrating Africa’s talent, creativity and achievements. With its one billion inhabitants and huge untapped natural resources, the continent is playing an increasingly significant geostrategic role.  Africa Today TV‘s mission is to enhance Africa’s visibility and credibility on the international stage. Furthermore, with a population of 40 million African Americans and about 2 million African immigrants in the United States, the audience for the programming offered by Africa Today TV will continue to grow. Africa Today TV is determined to dispel common misconceptions about Africa through programming that focuses on the facts. Our channel pledges to broadcast content that is factual, original and relevant. We observe the highest standards of broadcast journalism, including professionalism, integrity and independence. In addition to its own in-house production, Africa Today TV will offer original African TV programs – including current affairs, politics, business, society, entertainment and films – in the Washington D.C. area and the rest of the United States. Africa Today TV also provides leaders from African and the U.SA a platform for a daily dialogue.
The Uniqueness of Africa Today TV
Africa Today TV is the ONLY Africa-focused television channel available in Washington D.C. and throughout the entire USA. The channel’s target audience is made of the African diaspora and Americans interested in international public affairs and business.  We shine a light on Africa’s people, challenges, achievements and global relationships. We serve as a communication, geopolitical, economic, cultural and educational bridge between Africa and the United States. Africa Today TV is the ONLY Africa-focused television channel to have an exclusive Content Distribution Agreement (CDA) with MHz Networks, a long-established and award-winning TV network that broadcasts in the Washington D.C. area, and nationally via MHz Worldview.
Africa Today TV‘s programming presents the full breadth and depth of African experiences, including: News & Entertainment, Business & Economy, Politics & International Relations, Arts & Culture, Education, Documentaries, and Sports & Entertainment. Africa Today TV observes the following criteria for selecting African countries and TV sources for broadcast:

Strategic importance and role of the country in African affairs

Relevance of the country’s TV programs to the American public

Size of the country’s Diaspora in the U.S.

The country’s success stories worth broadcasting

Content and quality of television and film

Digital & social media crossover appeal for online & mobile

Where to Watch




Bring direct-from-the-source, quality African TV programs to the United States
Broadcast content that is relevant and positive
Observe the highest standards of broadcast journalism including professionalism, integrity and independence.
Serve as a bridge between Africa and America.


This department offers selected third-party producers, content owners and creative talent an opportunity to submit completed TV shows, films and documentaries for television and cable broadcast on Africa Today TV. Note: All material has to be Africa-related. Shorts of all categories are accepted and encouraged. These can be from 1 minute to 15 minutes in length.

Africa Today TV aims to build a bridge between Africa and the U.S.A by broadcasting stories about Africa’s hope and successes. Africa Today TV believes in Africans and Africa.

We are looking for original and compelling content covering the full range of African life: drama, sports, child-focused educational and animated shows, comedy, music and the arts, politics and news, cooking, health and fitness, fashion, nature and more.


We are pleased to hear from our viewers and welcome your comments or suggestions regarding our programming and services. We do not accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions or materials other than those that we have specifically requested. Please do not send unsolicited original creative materials such as stories or ideas, screenplays or original artwork, unless specifically requested by us.

This policy allows us to avoid any misunderstandings pertaining to the copyrights, trademarks and licensing of original ideas incurred during the process of developing a new project. Africa Today TV shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of any unwarranted and unauthorized submissions, and any and all submissions sent without the request of Africa Today TV shall be deemed, and shall remain, our property.


For additional information, please contact
Those submitting requested creative materials should submit a link for viewing in their e-mail message as long as you provide the information noted below.

You may also submit copies of programs on a Flip Drive, DVD or via similar format for review by mail to:

Africa Today TV
2000 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Please include the following for consideration:

Length and number of Documentaries or Episodes

Short synopsis of Program

Name of Producer(s), Director(s), Writer(s),Underwriter(s)/Financier(s)

List of broadcasters you have already sold to and territories currently airing the program, including Internet streaming

List of any exclusive deals or holdbacks of the program

Contact information with phone number and email

Contract Basics for Programs submitted:

Proof of Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance

Talent, Host, Actor release forms

Music, Video and Still Photography licenses/clearances

Chain of Title

Closed Caption (negotiable)

English Language (negotiable, if subtitled)




2000 M Street NW - Suite 345, Washington, DC 20036

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